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Feel safer knowing you have the protection of an Ask 4 Finance warranty on your car.

Extended automotive warranties have evolved over the last 10 years and they now offer more protection and coverage than ever before. Not only do they pay for any work done on your vehicle but they offer other services like towing, roadside assistance, car rental and more. With cars being more sophisticated than ever car repairs are also through the roof so having a protection plan just makes sense. But just in case you need more convincing here are more benefits with an extended auto warranty.

Remember that not every company can offer these services, but we only recommend the companies that offer the best in benefits so that you can get the most value with your purchase. A Used Car Warranty is able to bet Transferred to a New Owner: You might say, “Hey, why do I need a warranty that will be able to be transferred to someone else? If it’s not my car any more what do I care?” Well you WILL care when it’s time to sell that car and a HUGE selling point is that this used car in your driveway has a warranty on it that the new owner can use as well. Most private sellers do not offer warranties so you will have an edge when selling and can even incorporate that into the price. It makes a big difference when you are selling a car in the newspaper or online and it comes with an extended warranty from a reputable company. And only the good companies will allow you to transfer the warranty to another owner at any time.

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