So You Are Ready to Buy Your First New Car

With university now just a distant memory, you’ve probably just thrown yourself head first into your first real job.  You’re still driving that rusty hand-me-down from your parents and now seems like the right time for you to think about buying your first real set of wheels.  Now you’re thinking, “How do I pay for it?”

Getting your first new car is a fun and exciting experience. Having your own new set of wheels can be your ticket to a whole new part of your life; it’s a statement about where you are heading in life. No longer is your life about Maccas runs and road trips, well maybe it still is about the road trips, but you know want to do them in style. Here are a few ways to look at making the dream of buying your first new car a reality.

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Don’t Just Accept the First Car Loan Offer with Promises of a Fast Approval

Picture this; you’ve just fallen in love with a new Hyundai Veloster+ that you have just spied in the big flash new dealership. Next natural step for the dealership is to find out how you are paying for it, and in enters their Finance Manager offering super-fast finance approval. Many dealers offer approval within 24 hours, so the possibilities seem endless. You are already starting to vision where you are going to take your first drive to. After deciding on an ex-demonstrator (because you like saving money), it’s feasible that you could be in your new car within a day or two, during which time you’ve decided on the Vitamin C colour to make sure that you turn heads. Applying for your first car loan can be very daunting and there is a lot of fine print to consider, some of this fine print benefits you and some of it benefits the dealership / financier offering you the loan. This is when having a neutral non bias party involved helping you every step of the way through the process makes total sense. Enter the Finance Broker. An experienced Finance Broker will not have just one finance product at their disposal like most dealerships; they will have a multitude of lenders ready to fight for your business. This means that an experienced Finance Broker can help you negotiate the very best car loan available on the market today.

Negotiate a Better Price after Setting up Your Car Loan Pre-Approval

There’s no currency like cash. Dealerships know that you have serious buying intentions when you can walk in and say I want that one there and I have my money ready to go. Watch them stand to attention and give you the royal treatment. Being in this position after having set up an Ask 4 Finance pre-approved car loan opens doors for you, it’s the best weapon of mass price destruction when you are sitting at the negotiating table. Get the dealership excited about chasing your business by letting them know you are a serious buyer that is willing to buy a car right now if they do the very best deal for you. If you feel you aren’t getting the best deal, talk with your feet and keep shopping. When negotiating a deal sometimes having someone with many years industry experience in your corner can save you plenty. Free Car Finding services exist in today’s market to help you save money on pretty much any type of car you desire.

Choosing a Repayment Option That is Right for You

There are many factors that can have a bearing on your car loan repayments. Some of these factors are things like, interest rates, establishment fees, ongoing monthly fees and of course the term of your loan. Having someone to talk to about what your budget is at this point is super important, in fact the decisions you make on your loan at this point will determine how much money you will have left over at the end of the pay week to live and enjoy your new car, so it’s pretty important to get this one right. Our experienced car loan consultants role is to make sure that not only do you get the very best car loan on the market, but you also understand everything that there is to know about your car loan before you hit the green light and commit. Think of us as someone to bounce the “this might sound crazy but” questions off.

If you have more questions or feel you are ready to take that next step to owning your own freedom, apply now online or call us directly on 1300 769 177.

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