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Here are 3 Simple Ways to Partner with Us

Option #1 – Finance Introducer

The Introducer option is a great way to start a relationship with us whereby you simply refer each customer that you have that requires finance to your dedicated broker who will step both you and the customer through the process from start to settlement.  Your dedicated Broker will make sure they update you and the customer with the progress of the application at every stage.  We work hard towards fast tracking all applications and are happy to pay you a referral commission within a structured Introducer Agreement.

Option #2 – Authorised Credit Representative

This option involves us either accrediting your existing onsite person or supplying you with a resource to process your internal finance deals. This runs under our licence and gives the dealership the option to either manage themselves or outsource the finance to us to manage the whole process. This is great for businesses that may want to source external business or just increase their income opportunities through having access to additional lending products.

Option #3 – Own Your Own Finance Business

Whether you are tired of using your time and skills to build someone else’s business, or you would like to expand your existing Brokerage….then this could be what you are looking for.

Join our team as a Sub Originator or ACR and forge your own success 

Our highly motivated Sub Originators come from all walks of life and have joined Ask 4 Finance for many reasons including the great lifestyle, to take control of their future, reward for effort and the chance to build a valuable asset. They also enjoy the many benefits including building their own brand just like Ask 4 Finance has done over many years. We truly believe we have the best overall start up business solution available in our industry that allows our Sub Originators the flexibility to decide what size business they want to own and build.

As you would expect, our aggregation arm has a strict qualification process to ensure both parties are committed to building a strong long lasting partnership. Ask 4 Finance is committed to excellence; incorporating ongoing development, excellence of operations and wealth creation for our partners.

If you are interested in partnering with Ask 4 Finance in any of these ways feel free to call us on;

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Or you can confidentially contact us online for further details.

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