Motorbike Loan Pre-Approvals Same Day

In today’s day and age we all shop very differently. We don’t have the time to waste shopping around to buy our dream motorbike only to find out that it is out of our reach or the financier doesn’t want to lend us the money.

That’s why we are now finding more and more people are setting up their Motorbike Loan Pre-Approval before they hits the shops so they know exactly what they have to spend.  In some cases this means upgrading to the dream motorbike that they thought was originally outside of their budget.

So, what steps do you need to take to get your motorbike loan pre-approval set up?



Step One

Ask4Finance has a very fast and simple online application form that you can complete to get the ball rolling.  If you are a little bit old fashioned and would prefer to speak to an expert to ask more questions before taking the plunge then you can also speak with one of our motorbike loan consultants before hitting the go button.

Step Two

You will be required to supply us with some further information to confirm your income and for us to assessment your application in full before we submit this to the chosen financier. This may include copies of your most recent payslips.

Step Three

Your answer is back! Once we have your motorbike loan pre-approval set in place we then call you and run you through every detail of the pre-approval.  This includes but is not limited to; who the loan pre-approval is set with, the interest rate, your repayment options and any other loan benefits that you may qualify for.

The Fun Step

Here is where you get to go and have some fun. It’s time to hits the shops to negotiate your deal with the dealership.  If negotiating is not your thing but you still want to make sure you get a great deal, Ask4Finance also offers a Free Bike Finding Service.  We have a network of Approved Dealerships that we can speak with to help you get the very best deal on your motorbike.

Ask4Finance has a broad lending panel of specialist motorcycle financiers.  Our financiers understand the needs of our motorbike customers.  So there you have it, we can help you from start to finish!

With Ask4Finance on your side, you don’t have to run around trying to look for the best motorbike loan because we have them all under one roof. Let us take the time and hassle out of applying for your motorbike loan.  Apply online now or speak with one of our motorbike loan specialists on 1300 769 177.

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