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Novated Leasing

If you would like to know a little more about novated leasing then read on. At Ask 4 Finance it is our aim to arrange your novated lease in a fast and efficient way while taking all of the hard work out of it for you.  We have partnered with one of Australia’s biggest novated leasing companies that offers the very best novated leasing packages available in Australia.

If you are an employer thinking about heading down the path of Novated Leasing then here are some benefits for you to consider for your business:

1)   There is no capital required to fund the purchase of new company vehicles.

2)   No requirement for you to buy and maintain fleet vehicles.

3)   No unwanted vehicle disposal if an employee leaves your business.

4)   Vehicles remain off balance sheet.

5)   Decreases payroll tax and work cover expenses.

6)   No legal liability born by the business.

These are just a few of the many benefits for the employer but what about for the employee?

1)   Your repayment is taken in pre-tax dollars reducing the overall tax you pay.

2)   Your lease can be set up as a fully maintained lease so that all associated running costs are covered within your repayment.

3)   Costs covered and associated with the lease can be fuel, tyres and general maintenance saving you plenty.

4)   If you decide to move on from your employer you can simply take the car with you.

5)   You receive a report each month that outlines all costs associated with your lease so come tax time you have all the information ready for you accountant.

Less than perfect credit rating?

Some of the customers that we have been able to help had paid defaults and small unpaid utility or Telco defaults before applying.

Also, at Ask 4 Finance we want to ensure that both you and your asset are protected throughout the term of your novated lease. That’s why we have taken the time to research the best loan benefit products available on the market. Our experienced loan consultants are each accredited to offer you;

Comprehensive Car Insurance

GAP / Shortfall Benefit

Consumer Credit Insurance


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Apply online now in just 3 easy steps and one of our experienced novated lease consultants can be in contact with you in a few short hours to discuss your loan pre-approval offer with you further.

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