Common Mistakes Made When Buying a Motorcycle

Heading out shopping to buy a new motorcycle is an exciting experience. You have even probably told some of your friends and family that you are considering buying a motorcycle. I bet some of them even tried to talk you out of it pulling out all of the old lines about their dangers. But it’s not just buying a new motorcycle that’s exciting, just doing the research about what bike is going to suit you and how you want to ride the jigger is just as exciting.

Common Mistakes

Whether you are the type of person that gets up early on a Saturday morning to go to all of your favourite bike shops in your area, or you are the night owl that spends sleepless nights researching model after model with print outs of all of the bikes on the shopping list and the accessories that you are going to buy, it can be a world of fun.

We have put together some common mistakes that people make deciding on their new pride and joy.

Buying a motorcycle that is way above your current skill level…

Outside of spending more than their budget allows them to spend, this could be the single biggest mistake new motorcycle buyers make. Whether you are buying a used or new bike, it’s easy to select a bike with way more power than we are ever going to use. This can result in us getting ourselves into a little bother when it comes time to twist the grip and punt our new mega machine through some tight bends with our mates. Licencing laws these days are helping people make more educated buying decisions as they are being restricted to certain power to weight categories, but even then the LAMS approved bikes still have a sting in their tails. Punting around a 500cc sports bike can be just as fun as hopping on board a hyper sports bike with all of its power, suspension and braking ability. It’s about the ride, the destination and the social aspect of motorcycling.

Not speaking with people who own the same bike…

The beauty of the internet these days is that it is very easy to research just about anything. This includes researching what people think of the bike that you are looking at spending your hard earned money on. There are plenty of forums out there with people happy to share their experiences of how they feel their bike stacks up, including how it stacked up to their expectations after they bought it. Ask questions and read reviews about what some of the bike’s issues where and what advantages it has over the other models in the same class are. Are there any maintenance problems? What is the fuel mileage? Is the R model worth the extra money? What upgrades are available? Even though your heart might be set on the new Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc, you might discover that it’s actually not the bike that would be best for you for the kind and extent of riding you do.

Buying without taking it for a spin…

It’s very difficult to know how you are going to feel riding a motorcycle unless you take it for a decent spin. We hear lots of stories about customer’s first rides being the one they take on the way home after picking up their new bike from the dealership. All the best riding reviews cannot prepare you for how your bike is going to feel heading into that first corner, under your first emergency braking situation or avoiding those nasty road bumps. Put some time aside to ride the bikes on your wish list, then sit back and take time to think about the best option based on how they felt under your backside rather than go by what someone else writing articles for manufactures thinks. Maximise your test ride and ride as long as they will let you ride for so you know if the bike is within your skill level and comfortable. Don’t be too excited to buy, be patient. (Easier said than done)

Buying a bike that will break the budget…

Matching your bike to your skill level is very important, just as important as making sure that you can afford your new pride and joy and not falling into the trap of over committing yourself and your bank account. Just as you need to spend the time researching the best motorcycle option, it is just as vitally important that you consider what will be the best method to pay for your motorcycle. If you have squirreled away your savings and can now afford to pay cash for your bike, bravo! You are part of a very small group of habitual savers that don’t finance many large purchases in their lives. But if you are like the rest of us, it is important that you speak with someone that knows and understands what the best motorcycle finance options there are on the market, preferably someone who does it for a living and is up to date with all motorcycle finance products available on the market. A good motorcycle finance consultant will be able to steer you through the twisty turns that you may encounter when trying to source the best motorbike loan, including helping you understand what the best insurance coverage may be.

If you have any questions on how to get the best motorcycle finance deal set up for your own situation, you can apply online or call us on 1300 769 177.

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