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Motorcycle Warranty

We offer a range of motor bike warranty options for both new and used motor bikes.

New motorbikes will come with a manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees the repair or replacement of your bike should anything go wrong in the first year.  However, buying a used bike can often be a gamble as it is difficult to be sure of what condition every part is in.  Excessive wear and tear of parts can be both costly and inconvenient.

This is why Ask 4 Finance have teamed up with Australia’s largest warranty provider to offer our customers comprehensive mechanical and electrical insurance. This is aimed at giving consumers “peace of mind” when it comes to expensive repair bills as the warranty covers parts and labour.

Some extended motorcycle warranties come with a lot of fine print, a lot of exclusions and make it difficult for you to file any type of claim. Our extended service contracts are easy to read and simple to understand. You will know what is covered with your motorcycle warranty and you will easily be able to file a claim when it’s necessary.

Some motorcycle extended warranties are also limited to certain areas, such as your home state. With our extended motorcycle warranty, you’re covered anywhere in the Australia offering you complete peace of mind whenever and wherever you ride.

Our extended motorcycle warranties are available for both new and used motorcycles. Coverage for used motorcycles is not something that most motorcycle owners or riders will easily find, but, we’ve got you covered either way with the same strong protection that you would expect from a new motorcycle.

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