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Jet Ski Warranty

If you’re buying a new or used jet ski, consider obtaining an additional warranty for the ultimate protection against potential financial loss. No matter whether you are purchasing through a dealer or private sale, Ask 4 Finance has got your needs covered.

When you’re out on the water enjoying your jet ski, do you ever worry about how much it would cost to fix if you broke down? An extended warranty will offer you peace of mind, allowing you to leave your worries on the shore as you head out to enjoy your purchase! As recreational vehicles like wave runners become more high-tech, they unfortunately also become increasingly expensive to fix – unless you have a warranty to cover the repair bills!

We offer a range of customised policies, all backed by A-grade insurance carriers. As a result, any warranty you purchase through Ask 4 Finance can be used at any licensed repair facility in Australia. So whether you’re close to home or have taken your vehicle on holiday, you can get in for repairs and back out on the road in no time!

A basic jet ski warranty will usually cover main components like the engine, lubricating, fuel, electrical, pump and drive line systems, controls, steering, seals and gaskets. A comprehensive warranty, on the other hand, is referred to as an exclusionary policy. This means that in addition to the items listed above, all working mechanical components on your vehicle will be covered – aside from a specific exclusions list.

Warranty exclusions will vary depending on the type of policy and your provider, however they are generally items or incidents of accidental damage which are covered by comprehensive insurance, so by making sure you have both insurance and a warranty for your jet ski, you really can’t go wrong. For a complete breakdown of specific inclusions/exclusions, please talk to one of our warranty experts.
Why spend your time worrying about repair costs? With a comprehensive extended warranty on your jet ski or boat, you can hit the water worry-free!

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