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Boat Warranty

Are you considering an extended warranty or an extended protection plan for your boat?

With the purchase of your new or pre-owned boat or yacht, one of the smartest things you can do to protect your investment before even getting on the water, is to purchase and extended warranty protection plan. Waiting until the manufacturer’s warranty runs out can leave you with costly repairs if your vessel is not protected with an extended plan. Once your limited warranty runs out, your Extended Protection Plan kicks in to keep you covered wherever you may find yourself boating.

Ask 4 Finance is now offering Extended Warranty Programs to provide comprehensive marine protection. You will find advantages with our programs that you won’t find elsewhere. So protect your investment and have “Peace of Mind” when you are out enjoying the water with affordable comprehensive coverage. Request a Quote today.

Ask 4 Finance offers comprehensive plans designed to protect consumers from the unexpected costs of mechanical failures. As with all products, our Boat and Personal Watercraft warranties are a part of a fully insured program with the strength of a best rated insurance company behind it.

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