The Age Old Question

The age old question for any business that looks inwardly is, “as a business, what do we see ourselves as?”

Question Marks

For us the answer is simple yet intricate.

The customer is at the centre of everything that we do. They have to be, we understand that without customers we don’t exist. This is why we have worked hard on our business partner relationships, systems and processes to ensure that the service that the customer receives from any of our finance brokers or business partners is consistent across our whole business. So whether you are applying for a bike loan, jetski loan, camper trailer loan, boat loan, caravan loan or even a car loan, the service that is given to our customers is fast, competitive and professional.

But there is another side to our business that some people don’t know about, and that’s what we can offer our business partners, in particular the Leisure Dealerships of Australia.

In this regard the answer is also simple. We supercharge Leisure Dealerships, and we do this with our unique platform that encompasses finance solutions, lending aggregation, insurance, online systems and training.

That is our vision and it is what we aspire to deliver as a business every day, but let me break this down a little further…

Finance Solutions

We have a panel of lenders that includes major banks, industry financiers, second tier and niche lenders. This panel allows us to offer a broad, competitive, flexible range of loan options for motorbikes, jet skis, camper trailers, boats, caravans, cars and more.

We have also developed our own Dealer Direct Leisure Finance Product specifically designed to help Leisure Dealerships offer their clients a flexible, competitive leisure loan option in house.

Lending Aggregation

We have spent many years developing our relationships and agreements so that we are able to offer businesses access to our competitive finance aggregation platform. In short, our business partners get to benefit from our vast experience as well as being able to leverage off our volumes to gain access to the most competitive finance options available on the market and offer these loan products directly to their customers in house.


We have developed relationships with a range of Insurance companies that offer some of the most competitive insurance solutions for the Leisure and Automotive industries. We can accredit and train your staff allowing online access to these products so that our business partners can offer this as part of their total service offering.

Online Systems

After spending more than 15 years in the world of Dealerships we have been deeply involved in the development and training of online systems. A lot of the Dealer Management Systems (DMS) on the market today focus on the Sales Department, Spare Parts or the Service Departments. We have developed and licenced an online system that encompasses everything important to a Finance Department. Everything from your initial application, file notes, compliance documentation, waivers, checklists and various reports that help the business drill down into the Finance Department. This system has scalability and can be used across multiple Dealership sites.


We ensure that the people that we attract to our business have tonnes of relevant industry experience. In fact, further to that, we believe in making sure that we have people in our business that can specialise in the niches that exist within a range of Dealerships. We have developed extensive formal Dealership training manuals designed to help businesses supercharge the front end of their businesses through trialled and tested systems and processes.

We love what we do, and we truly believe that what we offer our business partners is unique. Why would you not want to deal with a business that can offer you an opportunity to supercharge your business using this unique platform?

So there you have it… We supercharge Dealerships with our unique platform that encompasses finance solutions, lending aggregation, insurance, online systems and training.

If you would like to explore the opportunity of working closely with us at Ask4Finance please email or call 1300 769 177 for more information.

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