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Marine Insurance

Ask 4 Finance is proud to be a leading provider of boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance, as well as a great range of marine finance and warranty products.

Whether you’re looking to cover a recently purchased boat, or you want to renew your existing boat insurance policy, we offer expert advice to make sure you have all the information you need to get the best, cheapest policy to suit you. Our marine insurance agency provides an array of convenient services that take all the hassle out of finding and taking out boat insurance.

We compare multiple quotes from a multitude of major insurance providers to help you find the best deal. Boating is a leisure activity and should be fun, so let us do all the hard work for you. Protect yourself, your boat and your passengers and leave your worries on the shore!

Being out on the water can expose you to a number of risks, including stranding, theft, capsizing, collision, storms and sinking. Luckily, these events are rare but sometimes, things happen. That’s why you need an insurance policy which covers any and all eventualities of owning and operating a boat, trailer or other watercraft.

Good, comprehensive marine craft insurance should also cover any additional equipment which is permanently attached to your boat. This might include: anchors, oars, extra fuel canisters, cushions, life vests/rings, water skiing apparel, motors, tools, canopies (if detachable) and dinghies etc.

It can also protect you against liability lawsuits, should you be involved in an incident which results in injury to one or more person(s) and/or damage to someone else’s property. Proper liability insurance should protect you and your assets from potentially crippling financial repercussions, should the ownership, maintenance, or use of your watercraft cause extensive property damage or harm to individuals.

We want you to be able to enjoy every aspect of boating without having to worry about anything – other than how to keep your drinks cold, perhaps. That’s why you should call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on the best marine finance to suit you.

To find out exactly what you’re covered for and to read all the small print, just ask one of our Accredited Insurance Consultants to provide you with a product disclosure statement.

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