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Lo/No Doc Loans

Self-employed and needing a new work vehicle? Have you not had time to do your financials or are you waiting on your accountant to finalise your current year?   If your figures don’t really reflect your current income don’t panic as we have Lo/No doc loans to suit you as well. If you have a current ABN and the vehicle is predominantly used for business purposes apply online with us now.

Let us do the work for you so you continue to focus on your business while we do ours, dealing with the lenders on your behalf and secure that new income generating vehicle for you, so apply now!

What are the different loan structures that are available today?

No Financials required for this type of lending its quick and easy with generally no proof of income at all required, sometimes proof of income by way of bank statements may be requested.

Changes in the traditional lifestyles and financial trends are adding to the demand for non-conforming loans, like Low Doc (Lo Doc) car loans or even No Doc car loans. They are called “lo / no doc” loans because the applicant is only required to supply the lender with a declaration (which comes with documents upon approval) that they can afford the payments.

This type of funding is designed to reward people who are self-employed, sub-contractors, investors, no financials, or may even have previous bad credit.

Choosing the right Lo / No doc loan can be confusing and also a very time consuming exercise while you should be running your business.  Let us do all the leg work for you; after all, we do this for a living.

Also, at Ask 4 Finance we want to ensure that both you and your business asset are protected throughout the term of your loan.  That’s why we have taken the time to research the best loan benefit products available on the market.  Our experienced loan consultants are each accredited to offer you;

Comprehensive Insurance

GAP / Shortfall Benefit

Consumer Credit Insurance


Tyre and Rim Insurance

One of our experienced commercial loan consultants can be in contact with you in a few short hours to discuss your loan pre-approval offer with you further.

You can apply online now.

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If you have some more questions and you would like to speak with one of our experienced low doc loan consultants you can also Free Call us: 1300 769 177

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