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Packing up the family to head out on a new adventure in your caravan can be very exciting and is normally viewed as a long term commitment to this style of travel. Your investment will definitely offer you a new found freedom while you are on the road and it’s important that you can enjoy this freedom safe in the knowledge that you have financially set yourself up with the very best caravan loan to suit your very own situation.

What types of travelers are caravanning around Australia today?

Our job is to continually negotiate with the major banks and other caravan lenders that specialise in caravan finance to ensure that we can offer our clients the very best option for them. Don’t run the risk of not being approved by a bank that doesn’t understand your passion for caravanning. We can help you get your caravan loan pre-approved fast so all you need to do is go shopping with the knowledge that you have the money in the bank. This can also help you leverage a better deal when you are sitting with your chosen caravan dealer as you are now bargaining with real money.

Looking for someone to take the hassle out of applying for a loan?

Ask 4 Finance really is the one-stop-shop for your entire caravan finance needs; whether you’re buying a new or second hand caravan from a private individual or a dealership, you can take advantage of our no-deposit caravan loans.  We have variable terms and repayments, extremely competitive interest rates and a range of individually tailored finance packages. We have fine-tuned our process over the past 10 plus years so you can simply apply online and have your caravan loan pre-approval back the same day!

Also, at Ask 4 Finance we want to ensure that both you and your caravan are protected throughout the term of your caravan finance. That’s why we have taken the time to research the best caravan loan benefit products available on the market.  Our experienced caravan loan consultants are each accredited to offer you;

Comprehensive RV Insurance

GAP / Shortfall Benefit

Consumer Credit Insurance

Your caravan finance is just 3 easy steps away. One of our experienced caravan loan consultants can be in contact with you in a few short hours to discuss your loan pre-approval offer with you further.

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