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Bad Credit Loans

Ask 4 Finance has a proven track record when it comes to getting our customers approved through our bad credit loan or second chance finance products at the lowest rates possible.

Looking for the lowest rates possible?

Whether you have telecommunication company defaults, utility bill defaults, credit defaults, court judgment, poor credit history or you are a discharged or ex bankrupt applicant, we want to help you. Even if you have applied elsewhere and been refused a loan or you have a lot of enquiries on your credit file, most “traditional” lenders or dealerships will tell you no one will approve you.  Ask 4 Finance want to help!

Just because you might have been unlucky and had some problems in the past, or even now, does not mean you will not be able to get finance.  At Ask 4 Finance we specialise in loans where people have had previous bad credit and want to purchase a later model vehicle but still at competitive interest rates.

Although advised above we do bad credit loans, we cannot do all loans that fit under this category for all applicants. In no way do we guarantee finance for any applicant. All applications are to be fully assessed and certain financier conditions must be met before any loan approval is given.

Ask 4 Finance is accredited with various bad credit loan and second chance finance providers.  We can source various loan options designed to suit your budget and individual requirements.

Looking for someone to do all the legwork for you?

Also, at Ask 4 Finance we want to ensure that both you and your asset are protected throughout the term of your loan.  That’s why we have taken the time to research the best loan benefit products available on the market.  Our experienced loan consultants are each accredited to offer you;

Comprehensive Insurance

GAP / Shortfall Benefit

Consumer Credit Insurance


Tyre and Rim Insurance

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